Saved By My Filter

Well, it finally happened. For years I have been extolling the virtues of the lens hood and the UV filter for their photographic benefits as well as their protective qualities. While photographing the fall colors in the Eastern Sierras I was deep in photographic reverie having just captured, what I thought to be a great shot of the bright yellows, pale greens and white bark on a grove of quaking aspens. Lifting the tripod to move to another spot I watched as the camera, lens, and my heart slid off the tripod and jettisoned to the rocky hillside below. There was no slow-motion pan as the camera and lens raced to the earth, no closeup of the distraught look on my face, just the irreversible action I set in motion by not locking my quick release. With surprising calmness, I reached down to retrieve the remains, fully expecting to have to repair or replace my Canon 16-35 2.8 L v.2 and /or the lens mount on the body. An unexpected and spontaneous “yes” erupted from my mouth as I inspected the lens:


Hood – scratched but intact

UV Filter- shattered but replaceable (Promaster’s HGX have a lifetime guarantee)

Lens – dusty but nary a scratch to be seen

lens clean

Lens mount – A.O.K.

Photographer – ecstatic !

The hood and the filter bore the brunt of the impact as I have always said they would in most cases.

Cost of a Canon 16-35 f2.8L IS v2 $2099.99

Cost of my original Promaster HGX 77mm UV filter – $109.99  (Promaster’s HGX have a lifetime guarantee, so no money out of pocket for a replacement!)

Thanks to the filter and hood I could shoot with my lens for the remaining two days of my trip.

When that salesman suggests a UV filter for your new lens – it’s not a “sales gimmick” it’s insurance.


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